Grow your happiness in your own garden.

The title is a post by one of my fans, a Phd. psychologist who writes on narcissist survival. Well that would be me, a survivor.
The devastation one feels after the extreme seduction and protestations of love for evermore turn out to be lies, when their boredom sets in and you are dumped for a ‘new adventure’, includes self downing for either not seeing it coming or for believing them, you are truly not of worth.
I recently said to my sister, a serial dumper, your brother is an internationally recognized professional Canadian artist, and you have never asked about or seen his work. She said,”So?” She simply didn’t get it and demanding she should is the well travelled path to the dark side. Better to just walk away. Fire your family is sometimes self helping and life affirming.
OK my garden my happiness. What does that look like?
Basically I’m making some long term plans. They include applying for funding to Canada Council for the Arts and Alberta Foundation for the Arts.
My plans also include walking again. Shaking hands. Making love, in relationship.
Travel? We’ll see. I’ve been on the road for a decade.
I’m starting to look beyond the 4 walls of a hospital.
This is good.

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