Rational Thoughts for Today

I dodged several bullets. When I was overweight pre diabetic and heart diseased, I quit sugar, grains, dairy, lost weight and avoided a life of horror of shitty diseases.
When I had a charming lover with personality problems I simply asked for what I wanted, I was assertive. She promptly left.
When I was a procrastinating smoker, I sought out my doctor, and learned to quit.
When my wife turned out to be a predator, I not so promptly started a new life.
And now I had a severe stroke, affecting my right side, mobility and hand. I entered hospital gave up my former life and worked on recovery, still there, and having success with walking, dressing, toileting, and eating to the point of independence. Soon to have my own home again.
All of these events accompanied emotions caused by irrational thoughts and corresponding fears: this shouldn’t happen, I can’t stand it, I’ll never get over this. All these concepts are lies. Based on evidence I have created my own pain.
The worst thing that happened is I had disappointment, sometimes severe, and I work consistently to overcome it.
Talk to strangers, ask for what I want and cease shitting on myself for overcoming obstacles, by simply focusing on, I am overcoming obstacles.
I have gratitude that stroke left me with a mind and a body I can work hard to recover with. It gave me retirement and an income for life and my education gave me a career in the arts for life.
And I am getting well.
This is a rational life.

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