A Good Thing

I sent out updates on my progress, both professionally and personally, on Facebook messenger.
Some cunt reported me as spam.
When I try to send a new post, Im not allowed to, to the folks that bitched
This is like giving a man with a gun, bullets.
The list of cuntage include:
A senior Canadian curator that keeps getting fired, addicted to crisis,
A former co-worker whose charming incompetence is glaring in the light of evidence,
A former girlfriend whose underachieving skills are a crime against relationship,
Various and assorted narcissists of the local arts community, the last one to find a chair gets smear du jour.
I try to remember; they hate me for my empathy, for they have none, so I make them look bad, in their own eyes. Embarrassed and ashamed they lash out before they scuttle back into their dark holes of misery and depression.
My list of well wishers gets more sincere every day, this is a Good Thing.

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