I Have Found Me A Home

I’ve found me a Home! It’s in a building I’ve lived in previously, across from the CoOp gracery. I approached them as a self employed artist, where they have track record of me living there previously for 3 years, and paying my bills on time working at home making images for the internet.
I am sharing with a room mate so it’s a 2 bedroom 2 bath, washer/dryer en suite, perfect for me while I recover at home. I have a huge walk in shower and roomy gets the soaker tub. Its a really nice place very accessable and a short walk to the river and hipster heaven coffee shops to photo.
My roomy I’ve known for many years as a co-worker, and he is valued for his reliability and dependability. He has come by every weekend to the hospital to get me out, usually my only visitor. Quality not quantity. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for helping preserve my mental health. When he suggested getting a place, as his roommate was moving on, I was very happy.
My gofundme has only reached a quarter of it’s goal and we had to act fast, but I can live on overdraft and credit cards and continue to spam my friends while the fund grows.:)
You’ve been very patient with my solicitations. Please continue to share and contribute, even the price of a Starbucks is helpful.
Thank You
Go Fund Jerald

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