The Daily Dis

The Daily Dis
The hospital is the loneliest place in the world.
I’m in my 6th month. 4 to a room of acute care men, snoring and farting
Non-nurturing nursing in the night flashing
lights in the eyes every 2 hours,
Mosquito men in white coats balancing the humours
letting of blood ritual daily at 6am
Spending the day half asleep, wraith-like, lost of purpose
Public no fixed address system seeks aid for 248a bowel routine
How are your bowels dear
Sordid questions and squalid needs
Anti-social workers manipulate with Fear Obligation and Guilt in the FOG
You can’t stay
your life continues at the homeless shelter
after all we have done for you
No salt, no flavour, no texture
Too much paper work if you wallow in your swallow.
Walking the talking over
interrupting because you slur
What could you possibly have to slur
that’s important to me
The daily dis
The television in every room constantly consumes quiet
No Peace for You No Place to Process
Go home if you want to get better
No home no family?
you don’t fit our Christian family
In this shrine to the scientific method
Our system of ill-health and wellness
Why did I have a stroke?
We don’t know, don’t have another one.
– Blackstock ’18

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