Seeking Satisfactions

Last Day

List Day

Good Day

Sad Day

Excited Day

Fear Day

What If Day

I’ll Figure It Out Day

Sitting over my morning brew

its 600AM on a Sat, the regular crowd shuffles in (with apologies to Billie Joel.)

I leave today.

I can do this

Go to my new apartment to be apart.

The moving hordes of boxes are about to invade

Everything stored but my cat who is lost in a good home

New roommate New relationship

A new sense of quiet at last

& lust & lost

To get used to

Finding myself in time

And old space

I never knew I was so lonely

Till I was surrounded

By careworn carefree careless


here is my number if anyone finds out I am fired

here is my number help me to grieve my loss

here is my number I would like a friend in me

Like you are a friend in you

Teach me

Accept Accept Accept

Then ignore the devasting life event

And seek your satisfaction

You may have fewer choices

But you still have

Free Will and Power of Choice.

(image artist unknown)

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