3 days out

3 days out of hospital, exhausted because I’m moving in my new accessible home as well as recovering. I’m disappointed in my movers the former landlady and her handyman husband. They were to pack my home move it to storage, find a home for my cat, move stuff to my new home, help unpack, for 1400.00. 850.00 down the rest upon completion.
Also, they received a 3000.00 dollar lazyboy leather chair, a good Specialized road bike 2500 new, a huge 5’x3′ framed painting by me valued at 8,500. They ‘lost’ expensive raku vases and a sculpture, a bust, gifts from the artists.
My kitchen and bedroom survived as did my t.v. and home theatre. My computer 4k monitor is broken, and several household items are missing or damaged. 10 trips to the garbage.  The packing and handling was done by cats apparently. Seems no living room furniture survived, or would fit in the storage I could afford, so they kept it.
They wish to charge me cleaning service when I paid cleaners 250 to do that when I went in hospital.
A week before the move they declined to unpack, labour shortage they said, I found a volunteer from the church at the last minute. How else was I to lift and carry with one arm?
They moved me 2 weeks early, and 3 days late, citing convenience for them, costing me extra 200 in storage fees.
So I withheld payment of the final 500, requesting that their insurance address my losses.
All I have received is a phone message to my email requesting my losses be addressed, citing obligation and guilt, calling my email ‘nasty’.
So what there is, is unpacked and setup. Exhausted, I decline to address the movers, since they are calling names, and guilt tripping.
Instead I am moving on with my business on the web, time to get to work.
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