Facebook the FriendlyFascist

Well, it’s goodbye to a complicated troubled relationship called Facebook. They have been kicking me off and on for years. Nudity was a problem, sexuality was definitely out as well. A series of bans led to total shunning.
This last straw saw no reason why, but ‘unusual activity’, led them to lock me out and not let me back in. I suspect it was the gofundme
There were a number of posts and I assume someone complained. I don’t know tho…
Ultimately, Facebook is a friendlyfascist organization as defined by the cognitive distortion that others must do the ‘right thing’ or they deserve to be punished. This center of the universe thinking has many associated problems. They are listed in a handy format here: REBT, but just a summary illustrates my point:

  1. Inflexible and unrealistic
  2. Assumes one’s authority over others
  3. Assumes a clear-cut difference between right and wrong
  4. Assumes one’s ability to inerrantly differentiate between right and wrong
  5. Places oneself at the center of the universe with others catering to one’s needs and wants
  6. Leads to conflict with others who also see themselves as the center of the universe
  7. Non-accepting of human fallibility.

The problem is that on their Facebook board are supporters of Trump and similer neo-nazi’s. They are courting the huge Chinese market, and nudity is a big no-no. Not that Trump and his ilk wouldn’t fuck, or pee on, anything with a pulse, its just that we are not allowed to do it. No facefucking on facebook.
Art, for example, with its 800 years of  history and tradition of western European nudity, done by genius in the field, posted for scholarly discussion, will get you booted as fast as any child pornographer.
Report this post, encourages informers, especially the lowest common denominator when it comes to Puritan values, even if you come from a non-Puritan country.
The Brits have censorship all figured out; adults are self censoring, and usually use good taste, I mean for a country that calls each other cunts on a regular basis. Their tweets are vile, but I don’t need big brother to police them for me. I like vile on occasion.
I also like nudity, some of it, like the sensuous of the French who say what is not shown but implied is way more erotic to the mind.
I detest censorship.
Adults having adult conversation is my preference.
After all it’s my internet too.
It’s been a good format to blog, and post artwork, see what other artists are doing, but I suspect there are better ones, like Ello, emerging all the time.
Lets go explore and find out shall we?

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