Love Bombing

Tara, my fav shrink
Hi Tara, it’s been awhile, glad I found you after having a stroke then being discarded by FB for promoting my gofundme and not paying them for access. I’m recovering financially and physically.
So, your fascinating work. Being a single introvert and lonely and horny, when I used to get love bombed I would romanticize it into ‘the one true love’ and boom. Sometimes I think I could give each of your articles a name. This one I call Deana. I saw her at the hospital while I was still living there. I was out of a wheelchair, but using a walker, she looked at me and kept walking, to her psychiatrist no doubt. I thought, what shes got, he aint gonna fix. She also wanted to make a baby the first time we had sex.
Thanx for the validating info, once again.

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