Navigating the Troubled Waters of Homelessness in Hospital, With a Brain Injury

Hi Rozanne,
I do my best writing when I am writing to someone, so I’ll address this to you. I am moving out of hospital this weekend. My friend Brian, who has been very loyal and dedicated, getting me out on weekends regularly, needed a roommate and agreed to move to an accessible apt and share expenses.
We applied to the Carrington where I have lived previously, so there is a 3 year record of my being a self employed artist, and paying on time.
We were approved and sign the lease tomorrow. It is a luxury 2 bedroom with 2 baths, mine has a huge walk in shower. There is an en suite washer and dryer, all the goodies. My cost is 800 per month inclusive. I have enough on my overdraft and credit card to finance rent and groceries till next Sept. And there is still hope of AISH and Alberta works. My gofundme campaign has raised 1200 so far from my world wide network of professional artists colleagues.
It was so simple.
Arranging housing and financing through the hospital, well, as you saw, was literally a shitshow. The appointment at Silvera, was almost cancelled, that creature Linda that replaced you, refused to get me taxi chits and refused to attend, as you and I arranged. I dont go out she said. Pay for it yourself. Being a typical personality disorder narcissistic and I suspect alcoholic, she attempted to manipulate with Fear Obligation and Guilt. Threats were made of the Drop In Center repeatedly until the team got Dr. Lamb to speak to her. Being vulnerable, this did me great harm, but apparantly she didn’t care or even notice, in fact she probably enjoyed screwing with my head, typical narcissist behavior. She was ‘nice’ after that but far from helpful. I found out about a Cups program for housing asked her about it and she said, find out yourself. She was to arrange an appt. with Alberta Works for funding but didn’t bother and failed to mention it to her replacement. I mean either she was grossly incompetent or intentionally intended vindictive harm. Same thing really.
The appointment at the Mustard Seed she forced me to take, was awful. They want 1100 a month for a 400 sq.ft. 1 bedroom, twice the market value, can’t bring your own belongings and a weekly urine test for drugs, no overnight guests. No AISH left for food, go to the food bank.Typical anxious and hostile ‘Christian’s’ for profit. I’m a lifelong member of my church and I never heard of the teachings of Christ so abused.
So with all the offers of ‘help’ more designed for a street drug addict than a professional, things haven’t worked out well.
I was fortunate that I have a history of professional practice that allowed me to secure a place, God help those who don’t and have to face such incompetence.
Incompetence such as being told Alberta Works would pay for my car and apt by the first social worker I saw, Emmanuel, to others telling me they would probably pay my first months rent and damage deposit (they don’t) have hurt me, personally and financially, and slowed my recovery, and release date. The trauma and post trauma stress of being threatened without basis in fact with being sent to shelter, I still wake up in cold sweats, and break out in tears at the drop of a hat.
I’m fortunate I have dealt with my living situation by myself, those poor bastards dependant on this social work dept. full of sycophants narcissists and alcoholics are in serious trouble.
Fortunately I met you, Rozanne, and you helped me navigate this experience while suffering a traumatic and devastating life event.
Ailian Lui has been wonderful. She didn’t know much about me from Linda, (nothing actually), so when I dropped in unexpectedly to see Linda and find out what happened to my promised meeting with Alberta Works, Ailian, her replacement, spent an hour and a half getting up to speed with me in order to be of assistance. Then she went off to speak to Alberta Works on my behalf. A real pro.
So goodbye Rozanne. As Albert Ellis says, if it is to be, it is up to me.

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