Hassles not Horrors

Letter to a new friend:
Here is my narcissist resource:

Here is my rational resource:
I use this form alot but the entire site is helpful these are tools given to me at the hospital when going through loss of several loved ones simultaneously:

Thank You Jerald

The major sting of loss for me, were things I thought, which weren’t true, that caused unhealthy negative emotions (depression, anxiety. embarrassment, shame, hurt, guilt…). Lately this information has helped me with the loss of and recovery of bodily functions due to brain injury by turning those feelings, those consequences, into healthy negative emotions: sadness, annoyance, concern, regret, disappointment…
The concept of what good can I make of this (such as build art with a disability income to back me up), tools like that, (and make wonderful new friends like you), are the rocket fuel for recovery. Then my loss becomes a bittersweet thing, and my inconveniences are hassles, no longer horrors.

I was at the store shopping on a busy Sunday, and the looks on some peoples faces as they were inconvenienced by my pace and my walker. I found it necessary (well it was fun, I admit) to mention to a couple of narcissists, that their look of hate towards me revealed their thoughts. I don’t care, they are abusive monsters who hate us for our empathy because they we make them look bad anyway….

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