Friendly Fascists

The wind was 100 kph on top of Horseshoe Canyon in the badlands of Alberta. The air smells like chicken dinner from the sagebrush, often the heat was over 100C, and you can see into the past millions of years on a clear day.
People are walking around casually picking up dinosaur bones and fossils while the anthropologists ask them not to, as they are discovering new ancient species everyday and where the only other rich find of artifacts like this is in China.
I hadn’t been down this memory lane for 17 years now.
In the town of Drumheller a few km down the road, we would come on long weekends to visit the in-laws, the only family I had ever known, married into, part of the package. Farm people from Three Hills, just down the road, home of a huge Bible College of fundamentalists within spitting distance of the evidence of evolution, bones millions of years old, sticking out of the dirt.
These people can deny anything.
The patriarch of the family was George a retired farmer who sold it all and put millions in the bank. He financed all the houses in the family and their businesses at the going interest rate, that he collected from his kids, which always puzzled me.
He lived with a neighbors wife, who dumped her guy when George got rich and asked her to take care of him.
The hired hand relationship.
Georges wife was diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, so she wasn’t much use to anyone, so her gave her 20 grand and threw her out.
She moved to Calgary and worked at Sears, until her disease manifested until she wasn’t much good to them either, so one day she just walked in front of a bus.
Both the daughters are dead now, having the gene for Huntington’s as well, I’m not sure when or how, as I was thrown out when I began to question living in, as was becoming clear, the hired hand relationship.
Edi went on Plenty of Fish, found a reasonably sober welder to move in and take care of the place for benefits and I went off to find nicer friends.
These people are as harsh as the land they come from, but friendly.
Friendly fascists I see now.




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