Nursed by Wolfs

Imagine a nursing staff in the hospital, almost with swastikas on their uniforms, Catholic cults on their lips. This is Alberta, Canada, the home of the Canadian Conservative Party, and who kept the same party in provincial power for over 40 years.
“Christian conservatives appear to care for people just before they’re born and just before they die. In between, not so much. That’s not the rebel Jesus, that’s not the stinging demand for social change and justice that the Gospel insists upon.” – Michael Coren from his article Conservatives Don’t Own Jesus, By teaming up with Christians, progressives can reclaim the political agenda  published May. 22, 2018 in The Walrus.
I had been hospitalized with a stroke, in Sept. 2017 and now it was January 2018, I was still in hospital, on a recovery ward, Unit 58 of the Foothills Hospital in Calgary. At 6:00 A.M. I pushed my walker on one and a half legs with one arm, out from the room I shared with an anxious junkie who was shot in the hip during a score, a kid with no memory for no reason I could discern, and a former sailor diabetic who had lost his ability to recall to a stroke. The dementia room, essentially, waiting for a situation at single mens homeless shelter, run by Christians, called the Mustard Seed. When I reached the nursing station, the head night nurse, a tattooed fascist named Jason with every hair precisely trimmed, just stared at me, like a thing to be observed. I didn’t request any pleasantries, I simply stated my business. The toilet has overflowed in the night, I can’t use the washroom. Of course he was perfectly aware of this, the nurses inspect with flashlights in your eyes every few hours, between their smoke breaks.
“I need a washroom.” A shrug was my response. Then a hostile stare. I was used to this, I didn’t expect more, someone who won’t even say good morning is certainly not going to clean up shit. The staff washroom was off limits, as you can’t have the things aka patients mixing with the Nazi staff, Rules are Rules.

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