Working Class Stupidity

Response to a comment: I think the point is, companies living off their slave workers. Interesting that you posted a photo of a coal miner like my father who died of lung cancer feeding his family with no after support or company health plan. We were hated by other working class families for living on welfare, my Mom and 4 kids, verbal and physical abuse often.
I quit school and went to work when I was 14.
I seriously think your protestant work ethic is stupid; seriously and deeply flawed.
A guaranteed annual income would have solved that situation and many other vulnerable folks like my Mom and her 4 kids.
People wouldn’t need to shovel coal till they died, companies would be forced to offer incentives like heath and safety to attract workers. Your philosophy is that of a working class slave and proud of it, like I said, based on lifelong experience with the abuse it generates, I find it deeply stupid.

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