The Creatures

PTSD extreme fear, stress is another name for fear, is treated by acclimating, or getting used to, similar situations. Fear is just something I’m not used to yet, or fear of the unknown. What creates it, generally, is predicting the future that it is going to be awful and terrible, words that mean death causing, without evidence. Acclimating is evidence gathering. Politicians, religionists and advertisers create fears using conspiracy theories that you are no good without the shit they are selling and can’t handle life. It’s all nonsense, based on the evidence of you are alive so you can handle life.
Had a conversation with a cab driver yesterday. It started by his suggestion that the spirit was healing me. I told him I was an atheist, because I had found in my religious studies that it increased my anxiety, this dependence on the unknown.
I said look, 10 minutes ago, we didn’t know we were going to have this conversation, and we are handling it just fine, so obviously we have great skills at handling the unknown. If there is something after we die, we will handle it, based on evidence.
If there is nothing, then it is hard to worry about nothing. Worry is a choice. The notion of an afterlife causes fear of the unknown, not the notion of nothing.
It’s a way for religionists to manipulate folks and take their money and time, using fear. I’d rather spend Sunday morning in bed with my girlfriend, but they want to manipulate me with fear obligation and guilt, F.O.G., to get me to their collection plate.
The Creatures.

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