Wanna Show? Hell No!

I must be liked and accepted or I am no good, and it turns out that others likes and dislikes only describe them not me. Here is a response to an invite to show my work recently:
Disabled art, indigenous art, pride art, women’s art, white middle class male art, emerging art, mid career art, etc, etc. a kind of racism by any way you dress it up by extremely conservative aka fascist art sellers and historians such as yourselves.
Whatever happened to critique? What were they going for, how close did they get, how does it compare to genius in the field, how do we get them closer? What’s the curatorial theme other than physical injury or physical gender or physical age etc etc.
You are offering me a disabled show because I had a stroke, so you may use me to signal your virtue. To print, frame and transport a show it would cost me 10 grand for you creatures to signal your virtue, without paying artist fees or production, framing, transportation costs.
People who are marginalized are often victims of predators like you.
Let’s get back to is it a good show and why and leave my personal medical history, my age my gender and who I like to socialize my masturbation with out of it.
Oh, ya, and don’t forget to reimburse me for my costs, and my time.

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