Love Art Loss

Dealing with loss is life skill
Ask the question: What good can I make of this?
I have lost much
I have gained skills
Art is the loss of the cherished desire, the failure to create that perfect hologram in my imagination with some media, and saying ok, what good can I make of this, this image that is now presenting itself to me on my canvas that doesn’t look at all like I imagined it.. Picasso said, start with an idea, and then see where it goes. Embrace your skill at losing the idea. Embracing your skill at asking what good can I make of this. Embrace the birth of something new, not planned.
This is the therapy of art therapy.
This is the joy of life, the satisfaction of discovery, of that which is just behind the veil.

A radio talk show with a Professor of cognitive therapy, and the subject was loneliness. Loneliness is created by the lie that no one loves me. I love me.
Connection with another is a choice. They don’t have to be in the same room to feel connected.
Love is a choice.
I love the characteristics of you that I find loveable, simply because I choose to find that satisfying.
You cannot create that, or make it stop. 
This our god-like power to love unconditionally, the power of free will and choice.

D-Day veteran, Dunkirk survivor Ken Sturdy dies at 98

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