What Do I Think Of Remembrance Day

My father went to war, signal corp in France, it was either that or ride the rails and be a criminal like his big brother, my Uncle Harvey
The Depression handed out hard choices.
My war, as they say, was Vietnam, even though I’m Canadian, friends of mine like Al Garret left shortly after art school to the U.S. to join up to spend the rest of his life suffering from agent orange exposure.
Most of my friends were Americans in Canada avoiding the draft.
So we are to honour those who were drafted, or coerced economically, then told to kill or they would be shot, and were shot anyway.
They had their personalities torn down and built up again as mass murderers during their basic training.
Many that survived committed suicide or became Hell’s Angels according to Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.
My Uncle Stan came back with his war bride, worked in a diesel shop for the trains for the rest of his life, in the same house, full of shame secrets and psychopath kids.
My family history is a long one of Scottish peasant cannon fodder in the British front lines, the first in, the first to die. That’s what peasant farmers are for.
Still are.
Do I honour their ‘sacrifice for freedom’.
Is that what the propagandists are calling it these days.
They were bullied and victimized and taken advantage of.
I am sorry for their loss.

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