Repsol Sport Centre Personal Review

I suppose going to a sport centre for stroke recovery exercises is self helping. At least it’s supposed to be.

Repsol sounds like a hemorrhoid medication, but since it has no public transit access, and an elevator that breaks down continually I suppose that’s apropos. A genuine pain in the ass structurally.

I went there initially because they could accommodate my walker, a ramp and elevator. After a month of 3 times a week, I no longer needed either, but like any narcissistic relationship they were in the love bombing me stage so I stayed.

Big Mistake. But I was paid up for a year, and was in love with my kinesiologist, Fiona, and progressing, she is really good.
I figured I could put up with the blaring commercials for car ads on their commercial A.M. music playing Led Zeppelin, intruding into my head, and I did. Most people wore headphones.
One day I was at a customer dis-service desk asking a woman for information. She tried to respond but this guy with a beard butted in and asked what I wanted. I said I’m being helped thank you, then ignored him. The woman and her female supervisor got me sorted out.

When I was doing my therapy, hooked up to electrodes and walking, the gent approached me, really pissed and demanded to know why I disrespected him. I explained about mansplaining. He didn’t get it. His supervisor did, and she said this hostile blindsiding would never happen again.

Over a period of 4 months it turns out that its the norm rather than the exception.

I mean I have a cane, move slowly, have no right arm function, and I speak funny. In other words I’m a target for bullies. They are cowards so they hunt victims that can’t fight back.

This sport center is full of narcissist bullies, and not just the staff, I have been attacked in the washroom with ‘Get the fuck out of the way’ statements to people just climbing on equipment I’m using such as the plinth and butting in. When I spoke up that I needed that space for stroke recovery exercises, I was treated with ridicule of how I speak, just exactly like Donald Trump did in front of millions. I suppose that makes it OK now. Then I was called a jerk, for speaking up and asserting, not being ‘nice’.

These are the weekday events, its worse on the weekend.

This is an expensive place, that gives me a deal so they can signify their virtue by having the disabled community around. (but not virtuous enough to keep the elevator functioning)
In Calgary that means rich conservatives.

One woman whose husband owns a printing plant, in several cities, was chatting me up about my nephews Bar Mitzvah. The ol who do you know oneupmanship game. I explained that I was an atheist, my sister married into Jewish relatives, and I’m not involved. I’m a Liberal, I explained, who has chosen to serve my country by sitting on the policy committee of the federal party. She is a Trump supporter, she likes his foreign policy, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, he has Jewish relatives, that kind of thing. I mentioned that Trump is a Nazi, you know, based on targeting identifiable minorities for persecution, and she said, ‘as long as they aren’t Jewish’…Well that explains the Jewish apartheid that President Carter wrote a book on.

I showed up this week at the Nazi central sport suppository centre and my paid up yearly card was cancelled, no explanation, just fuck off. No answer to my calls and emails.
I mean I wouldn’t take their calls now, I don’t need them explaining why they had to abuse me, leaving me sitting there for four hours till my handicapped transport arrived, and how it was all my fault. I’ve had too much training working with sociopaths in jails not to be able to spot that oh so charming abuse justification.

They won’t respond to emails, as that would leave a record.
I asked for a refund, predictably to no response.
I like to get what I pay for, but at least I can have the self esteem of speaking up.
That’s something at least.

Repsol Update

Hi Heather,

I received your letter. In it you make some alarming unsubstantiated allegations, then you threaten me with police action.

How did this conversation get from having a chat to clear up some confusion to ‘come back to this facility and I will call the cops’?

Well first of all, you won’t answer your phone or return calls, or answer emails, which is my preference because there is a record of communication, and cc’d witnesses. Also, my speech has been impacted, due to a stroke, so I lack the nuance of regular speech, and often only have one volume due to over enunciation, in order to be understood, especially when stressed. Apparently this is alarming to the uneducated listener and can be misunderstood, especially when they are interrupting and talking over me.

In your letter you stated as a fact, that I had abused your staff. Then meted out punishment and dire threats. Yet you have made no effort to talk to me about the incident: I was in conversation with a gent in a wheelchair, also a stroke survivor, discussing some alarming symptoms I had, a possible TIA, a precursor to a life threatening stroke. Since I’m not sure of your empathy or education, I will explain that such a conversation itself can be life threatening, it can lead to an anxiety attack, which exacerbates symptoms such as speech and walking impediments and in extreme cases may even cause another stroke.

But it doesn’t matter. Your staff had no way of knowing the details, but surely could have picked up that something was going on, when they walked into middle of our conversation and just started talking, without an excuse me, or sorry to interrupt, and our response was, this is a private conversation please excuse us. That was too vague, or ignored, because they kept interrupting like nothing had been said, so they were then told that they was being intrusive and they would have to come back later, this was not a good time. Simply, this was a private conversation and they were interrupting. Of course hearing from someone that has little capability for nuance or volume control can be construed as being yelled at, but even if it was, and it wasn’t, that isn’t abuse. I have the right to express my emotions, and others have the right to know what they are. Abusive statements start with the word ‘you’ and are descriptive, generally in a negative way. Saying that we find your staff’s repeated and unwanted behavior intrusive, come back another time, after repeatedly letting them know that this wasn’t a good time, also isn’t abusive, it’s assertion of rights to privacy about a very private topic, my medical event.

Your response instead of hearing both sides of the issue, leading to a fuller understanding has been to deactivate my card, which I have paid for, and disappear, leaving me alarmed and concerned, after being shamed and publicly humiliated by your staff at the gate, barred entry in front of friends and colleagues, had to wait for four hours for return transport and you nowhere to be found, subsequently not answering calls and emails, then finally communicating by letter that the police will become involved if I return.

I spoke to your customer service manager through email, you have a copy, requesting a refund of my training fees and my years pass to the facility, as I choose to no longer deal with the gross incompetency of the staff at Repsol.
After 40 years of dealing with the public, first as an addictions councilor, an adult education art teacher, an art therapist for Care West specializing in neuro disabilities, and for a time a customer service manager with specializations in conflict resolution training through Mount Royal University as well as assertiveness training, I feel I am well qualified to speak to the handling of this issue.

Essentially I find the experience at Repsol repeatedly one of dealing with blame shifting , entitled, emotionally immature , psychologically stunted , unempathetic cretins.

I’ll leave you, as this place obviously isn’t my preference, with some wisdom from Dr. Albert Ellis, my teacher and the foremost psychotherapist of the last century, winner of every honour available in the psychology world for his invention of cognitive therapy :

“Human beings are not perfect. They don’t have total control over all their actions. In the real world, we all make mistakes from time to time and treat others badly because (1) we don’t know any better; (2) we can’t do any better; or (3) we’re too disturbed. That’s just the way we are. Believing that others must do the right thing ignores the real world. Blaming and punishing someone for a mistake he makes because he doesn’t know any better will not make him smarter. Blaming and punishing someone for a mistake he makes because he can’t do any better won’t help him to do it better next time. And blaming and punishing someone for a mistake he makes because he is disturbed won’t make him any less disturbed.”