Goodbye to My Guitar

Hi Eric

Long time no see!
The reason for contact is that I’ve suffered a stroke and can no longer play the guitar. It’s for sale a 2000 Taylor 510 dreadnought. Taylor made it for me and shipped it to Calgary when I complained that Long and McQuade’s salesman had sold me a used as new. They fired the salesman and made me a guitar, just for me. It sounds beautiful. Lovingly maintained by Chuck Shiflett guitars, he repaired a crack in the front, put in a pickup, and upgraded the tuners, set it up for bluegrass. Original hardshell case, comes with a tuner and capo, and a pro music stand. Also a twice used Fender acoustic amp. The works for 3 grand.
Please spread the word? I hate to see it go (seriously) but I could use the money and it doesn’t fit in with my new life.
Thanks in advance
Say Hi to Sue for me
Kind regards