Why I Don’t Do Art Galleries

In the Victorian era of my culture, the family idiot, the result of inbreeding and a very small gene pool of the ‘proper society’ was shuttled off to the monastery/nunnery, with a healthy endowment. These funds came as result of the owning of cotton, sugar and slave plantations worldwide by the imperialistic Brits and protected by the Royal Navy.
These days the monastery/nunnery is replaced by the Art Collage. That is If the family has enough money and political influence for the student to get accepted with their portfolio of miserable daubs ripped from their mothers fridge. In my home of Alberta, Canada these funds come from the billions of the oil resource business. This guarantees the family idiot an MFA, gallery representation, and a teaching gig.

  • I must be liked and accepted or I am no good. That’s why it is impossible to teach art. The student is only going to make the art that his circle accepts in order that he be accepted.
  • The students’ circle of family and friends is fascist: others must do the right thing or they are no good.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse is prevalent as life must be easy and convenient or I can’t stand it.

Therefore: Anxiety Rules
So when anxiety rules, there can be no creativity. Fear gets in the way of innovation. In the Royal Navy of the 18th century a sailor or officer was keelhauled for committing an innovation.
In today’s commercial gallery, you only get accepted into the stable of artists if you bring family and friends to buy your crap.
Your crap is rubber stamp art of that which your instructor at school suggested and then passed you on, in order to keep his job.
This becomes your work. For life.
Boring, mundane, and profitable for gallery owners. Art which looks good in the halls of the oil company. Good means ‘nothing to grab attention and hold the eye’.
Wallpaper essentially.
The opposite of engaging.
Thank God For The Internet.