Free Will and the Power of Choice

Photo: António José Cravo

“Libet found the readiness potential starts to rise before people report they are aware of their decision to move. Many took that as a challenge to the existence of free will. But subsequent studies argued that was a flawed interpretation, and that the results said little about free will.”

My point of view is that if I am to form new neural pathways around the stroke damage in my brain, I must choose to move, consciously and repetitively, they even know how many repetitions of the attempt it takes for the brain to form the new pathway. (a few thousand, I forget)

I am involved in a study that suggests the white matter of the brain plays a role with folks like me who had a stroke for no discernible reason, and are more able to choose to do the repetitions and regain motion.
If I choose to not do the repetitions I’m without use of my body.

I choose to tolerate the frustration of not having instant gratification.
Success in any endeavor is high tolerance of frustration.
A four year old demands instant gratification.
An adult is capable of short term pain for long term gain.

Therefore adulthood is the result of free will and power of choice.
Narcissists, (Trump) who are adult children, are examples of choosing not to grow up, and manipulate others instead of saying ‘if it is to be, it is up to me’.

Stroke folks are often people who have low tolerance of exercise and choosing healthy foods anyway and this is one of the potential consequences.

I have the gene for diabetes, but since I choose not to have genetic nihilism, I haven’t given that gene expression by eating what I please, a kid in a candy store.

My philosophy of life is based upon the teachings of Epicurus turned into cognitive therapy by Ellis.

Dick Passingham, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Oxford in the U.K., says the paper clears up one of the major concerns about the original Libet experiment. “This activity that occurs earlier is … not just general preparation, it really is a proper decision,” he says.