Whoever Controls The Money Controls The Art Controls The Message

How do I know what I don’t know?
“Please know we are still very interested in having your perspective on a future jury, but we will creating each jury for each program as they roll out throughout the year.”  
What perspective is that?  And on what subject and in what context.
I was not informed that I would be part of a pool. I was making myself available and making a commitment to be on a jury to offer a professional opinion, as part of my professional responsibilities to recognize and nurture talent, and as a contribution to my community.
The reason I do not like secret pools is that it gives the impression of stacking the jury so that political agendas are served. This hidden process that is done in secretive back rooms smacks of censorship.
I have served on juries for 25 years, and generally there is an open context, and an agenda. Like the New Gallery has a focus on contemporary art, for example.
Your jury selection conext and agenda are not obvious or open to the public, yet I see artists picked for the banner project for example for the last seven years, not only for the quality of artistic merit, but for membership in social groups, apparently. Perhaps it is just coincidence.
I recently was offered a show as a handicapped artist. I was recently turned down to show as an emerging photographer due to my age. What do my physical attributes, choice of gender of sexual partners, age, choice of gender of myself, have to do with my art in anyway at all. Well, lots, if you have that as a curatorial agenda but it needs to made clear at the outset. The national gallery of Canada changed their age requirement for their emerging artist competition when I pointed out it was ageist and bigoted. You can emerge as an artist at any age.
The optics of this selection committee, and it’s vague catch all of artistic merit and ‘social impact’ are terrible.
Without clear and specific information as to curatorial theme, specific reasons why I was chosen to be on the jury or not, I am not interested in being part of a secretive process in a back room where for all I know the selections are made on the basis of social groupings and political agendas. 
Thank You