A Liberal Albertan Speaks Up

Political parties in Canada campaign from the right or the left but govern from the centre. The conservatives think we broke that deal when we instituted Universal Health Care but as long as we didn’t do PharmaCare, Free Tuition, DentalCare, or Guaranteed Annual Income like civilized European countries, such as Germany, and a large part of our income came from selling cheap oil to the Koch brothers, they could live with that.
Now the USA fracks it own cheap oil and gas, China, a rich massive communist country, wants ours, and our population wants more from its resource revenue.
The conservatives are very afraid we are going to give it to ourselves.
They are authoritarian because they demand certainty in an uncertain random world, they hate change. Similar to small children.
A mature adult says, yes, life is often uncomfortable and uncertain but evidence shows not only will we deal with it, but that we are very good at dealing with it.
The conservatives rush instead to powerful rich cults which worship bronze age deities and have centuries of stored wealth and political influence at their disposal to manipulate those in anxiety that was created by demanding certainty. The church offers certainty of an afterlife but if you and I don’t know, then they don’t know. You and I aren’t broken, the church isn’t bequeathed with special mind powers, it’s a snake oil con game based on evidence.
Hostility and anxiety go hand in hand such as the religious based USA, mass murder capitol of the world.
We in Canada are an evidence based society that deals with uncertainty in healthy, mature, adult ways.
We no longer have to choose between taking our daughter to the hospital and paying the rent, or mortgaging our homes to pay for our cancer care.
The conservatives like us to live in fear, attempting control others by offering blame based solutions such as work harder, save more, pull yourselves up, save for retirement while working at their companies for minimum wage creating their wealth like good little economic slaves.
Change is coming, it is always coming, it is always here.
I say to my many many conservative friends (I live in Alberta): it’s OK, the Adults have this. Strong, rational, sane, scientific, educated grown ups have your back. You don’t have to live in such fear and hostility anymore.