No Munee No Hunee

The surprising number of people that dumped me when I had a stroke. Who would have thought. Two years later it continues. Not their cup of tea. Only I was their cup of tea before the stroke, I was led to believe.
So what is this? Conditional acceptance? Nothing to offer? The feeling that I no longer have anything to offer?

The put offs when I asked for what I want in relationship with now ex-friends are myriad but they all have the same boring similarity; I am no longer a priority. A drain on resources.
Friends aren’t family and I don’t have family just friends.
The most recent was, this feels like emotional infidelity. After 30 years I am intruding in their relationship.
What changed is she deepened our relationship, by asking for what she wanted, to get together on her recent trip to town to visit family. One of many visits in 30 years, the first she has asked to see me. So when she returned to Little Bum Fuck Arkansas she decided that talking to me on Twitter was emotional infidelity. Because I talked to her at some frequency asking why she was ignoring me again.
Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. No win situation.
OK basically she was saying I’m a pain in the ass go away. So I said I would and she said but I was of use to her she liked my comments, but just had nothing to offer because that felt like emotional infidelity. Oh. Stay but don’t ask for anything like communication and companionship. Until she wanted it.

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