Clothing Optional Rant Eulogy

About Cliff on CBC
Went to the mountains today after hearing that Cliff had passed
stopped at Deadman’s Flats, ironically, and listened to
Bob Dylan sing she’s never gone as long as she’s inside you
So this sense of connection is a choice

Choose a sense of connection

Dr.David Burns said fighting is an intimate connection
and a choice to connect with resentment
so choose to be connected
choose to be not connected

They don’t have to be in the same room
to enjoy this feeling this sense of connection
or even on the same planet
or even in the same time period
I feel very connected to my favourite writer
long passed away
to read his words is to read his mind
To see Cliff’s artwork
is to see and feel him
what he valued and loved and connected to

Some connections, like with Cliff, I value extremely
and will always be with me

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