Someone posted her video on Facebook. 
Enchanted, I read her bio, a survivor and recovering from a crash that left her vocal chords paralyzed. Paralysis is something I know a bit about, after having a stroke. Work hard, get better. Recover.
Her parents taught her to read music by the time she was 3. I could read books by the time I was 4. Self taught. My father died when I was 2, she had parents who did all they could to get her instruments. I longed for a piano or a guitar, the welfare brought paint by number sets and no turps to clean the brushes, so that wasn’t sustainable either. My music education was Looney Tunes, Disney felt he should use classical music in animation and I am forever grateful, I loved cartoons, learned to love the classics.
My mother was absent as well as my father; she was lost in depression, anxiety and narcissism. Felt she was entitled to it, her lifelong grief.  I joined the choir at church, but no one taught me anything, they were just there to signify with their singing, their virtue, so I just sang along. Love to sing, my life long music therapy. Managed to study opera with a singing teacher for a couple of years, who didn’t insist on reading music, she trained my ear instead.
When I was 7, I read ‘Cannery Row’, by John Steinbeck and learned how people survived poverty, so I did, armed for life to live without money or comforts.  I read ‘Naked Came I’, a bestselling 1963 novel by David Weiss based on the life of sculptor Auguste Rodin, showing me what was possible with art and hard work combined. I loved the library. Learned to love art as an achievable goal.
Robert Heinlein and Isaac Asimov taught me to think scientifically through their contributions to the new exciting genre of science fiction. I love computers and robotics after growing up with them in fantasy and living to see it become reality, and an art creation tool.
And continue too…