The Basis of My Business and Personal Relations

Simply put, I am capable of, and I reasonably, for my own safety, absolutely demand, 4 things.
Emotional maturity;
Emotional stability;
and Integrity.
If you know what these are let’s chat. Let’s be Twitter buddies. If I have blocked you this is why.
If you have these things you know it doesn’t matter if I golf or not..
You and I are not looking for someone to ‘complete’ us, for we are whole and not broken.
You and I practice self care and self love.
You and I practice and respect healthy boundaries.
You and I don’t find emotionally unavailable, selfish, deceitful, cold, volatile, people irresistible and exciting and healthy people boring.
You and I are burdened with things like conscience, guilt, remorse and empathy.
You and I are accountable and seek equitable conflict resolution.
We don’t rage, temper tantrum, cry, pout, give the silent treatment, bully, and/or threaten to end the relationship.
We aren’t perpetual victims.
You and I highly prefer life to be easy, convenient, others to be nice and that we are always liked and do well, but we don’t HAVE to have these things because we often don’t, that’s life full of random discomfort, and unexpected pleasure, and we deal with it just fine.
I’m looking for an adult relationship, and It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or a golfer, what matters is you.