Limited Editioned Prints

A limited edition print is an image reproduced to a predetermined, i.e. limited print quantity, to guarantee the rarity and future value of the print. Traditionally the artist making his own prints, as well as signing each print, will individually number them in the order they are printed. For example, 3/200 is the 3rd print in a series of 200.

In traditional printmaking, each print in an edition is the same size because they are all made from the same plate or screen. Clearly because of the nature of digital printing this restriction does not apply to giclée editions, so it is entirely the artist’s choice as to whether or not the prints are consistently sized. There is no ‘accepted practice’ in this regard, but most artists/photographers choose not to restrict themselves, making each print the size required to suit the purpose at the time, perhaps at the request of a client to suit a specific space or perhaps to work within.a budget. This makes sound economic and marketing sense and so as long as the edition number is adhered to all the prints in that edition could be of different sizes.

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